At KIN.KO, we’re a young creative brand that values creativity and sustainability. Every collection that we make is personal and meaningful to us. Especially in this era where customers are bombarded with countless beautiful things. We want our products to be worth making. We do not believe in fast fashion or trendy pieces. We know that this type of product comes and goes very quickly. Therefore our jewellery will always be classic and timeless. So that our customers can cherish and pass on to the next generation. This is what makes our collection meaningful to us rather than releasing a collection without a purpose.

We see our jewellery as an art form, and we use it as a medium to spread our messages to the world. Ever Since we launched our brand, our products have always been stoppable via online. We know the importance of the digital economy and it’s one of our priorities to make our local business accessible to the world wide ; therefore we provide all the possible online shopping outlets as well as various payment methods for our customers to choose from. Sustainability is a big part of KIN.KO. We try our best to minimise our effect on the environment by reducing plastic waste as much as possible. All of our products are handmade locally by Thai artisans. Our designs use findings sourced from small local businesses and communities. At KIN.KO, we only use recycled cardboard boxes and biodegradable paper wraps for packaging. We are happy that we can show our love to our mother earth.

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