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KIN.KO is a contemporary jewellery and lifestyle brand comprising handmade luxury pieces crafted by local artisans in Bangkok, Thailand. We aim for our designs to be conceptual and timeless. To give everyone the ability to celebrate their individuality, we have designed our pieces to complement and suit individuals of all genders. Every piece of our jewellery has an engraving of beautiful words. Such as 'be kind', 'yes she can', 'she keeps me sane', etc. Those messages are a positive reminder that our customers can wear close to their hearts. We want to create more than just jewellery. Our aim is to spread love, art, and kindness through our jewellery and personalised packaging.”

We are sisters who share many interests and adore similar things: while still holding on to our individuality. We were born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, and spent about eight years studying in Australia. After we graduated from university, we returned home to live in Bangkok and founded KIN.KO. It was the art lessons that we took together as a child that inspired us both until today. Since then, art, design, and fashion grew very naturally, and we've always used art to express ourselves.


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