Good Soul Mission started because we care and want to be helpful to others and the environment. We believe that one baby step matters and that it's small things that count to make the world a better place.

Here at KIN.KO, we are committed to creating premium jewellery that last, and the designs are classic. We want our pieces to be adored, inspire movement and stand the test of time. For we believe love, purpose and longevity support our mission to create sustainable jewellery.

We approach each of our business decisions with time and care, understanding the choices we make now, will impact future generations socially, economically and environmentally. For us, sustainability isn’t a single destination but rather a journey filled with many learnings, unexpected turns and triumphs to be earned. 

 We try our best to minimise our effect on the environment by reducing plastic waste as much as possible. All of our products are handmade locally by Thai artisans. Our designs use findings sourced from small local businesses and communities at KIN.KO, we only use recycled cardboard boxes and biodegradable paper wraps for packaging. We are happy that we can show our love to our mother earth.

We strongly believe in giving back and making a difference in our society and have been doing it ever since we were in school. We enjoy participating in community services and caring for one another. We think that products are much more meaningful when it does more than bring value in our life but adds value to others. Partial of our profits are donated to empowering youth and supporting undeveloped schools and communities around Thailand.

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