Introducing a special collaboration between KIN.KO and the upcoming Japanese artist and designer, Daisuke, also known as @dimda_ on Instagram. Daisuke has gained recognition on social media for his remarkable talent in customizing luxury items into innovative creations and transforming food into groundbreaking artworks.

This unique collection, named "Food Appreciation," showcases Daisuke's artistic prowess and celebrates the significance of food in our lives. Together with our expertise in jewellery craftsmanship, this collection beautifully showcases both of our artistic vision.

Daisuke's work is a masterful blend of craftsmanship, creativity, and patience. With his exceptional skills, he breathes life into everyday ingredients, turning them into mesmerizing works of art that are not only visually stunning but also delicious to eat. His attention to detail and his desire to push the boundaries of what is possible have propelled him into becoming a prominent figure in the world of food art.

Through our collaboration with Daisuke, we have come to realize the true importance of food. While it may appear to be a simple topic, it plays a vital role in our lives and is often taken for granted. By showcasing the beauty and significance of food, we hope to raise awareness of and appreciation for this fundamental aspect of our existence.

At KIN.KO, we believe in cherishing the simple little things in life, and food serves as a powerful reminder to appreciate those moments. It reminds us to be grateful for the people around us, as they too play an integral role in our happiness. By focusing on these seemingly small aspects, we come to understand that they are, in fact, the most meaningful and valuable.

When our customers wear the jewelry pieces from the Food Appreciation collection, we hope they are reminded to appreciate the little things in life. These exquisite designs serve as tangible symbols of the beauty that surrounds us every day. They encapsulate the essence of gratitude, encouraging us to cherish each moment and find joy in the simplest pleasures.

May this special collaboration between KIN.KO and Daisuke inspire a greater appreciation for the significant role that food and the small wonders of life play in our overall well-being. Let us wear these jewelry pieces with pride, knowing that they carry a message of gratitude and an invitation to savor life's precious moments.



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Food Appreciation