One year warranty

Every piece of KIN.KO jewellery is covered by a one year warranty. Should your jewellery become tarnished or break due to manufacturing defect please contact us. If we deem claimed pieces to be defective, we are more than happy to offer you a complementary repair or a replacement if needed. However, a small additional fee will be charged for delivery. Kindly note that our one year warranty apply only to domestic orders purchased directly from KIN.KO.

*proof of purchase required

* We will not be able to facilitate any repair and/or replacement for customers that wish to do so from overseas. We hope that we will be able to offer this to all our lovely customers around the globe in the near future!

*If you wish to extend the one year warranty after its expiration, we can offer a re-plating service for a fee. Please contact us here

* Please note that any kind of shipment that is sent to KIN.KO from our customers is not covered by us and we are responsible for any damages and lost packages.